Nieuws & Patches - CCP Veritas loves his USB Rifter, maybe you will too!

News - 30.10.2013, 17:00
Post subject: CCP Veritas loves his USB Rifter, maybe you will too!
Ever since the announcement of the <a href="https://store.eve.com/collector-s-edition/eve-the-second-decade-collector-s-edition-116">Second Decade Collector's Edition</a>, CCP Veritas has been very excited!</p>
Today it finally arrived, and he has been happily enjoying flying his <a href="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BLnHE0kCcAAvbXR.jpg">USB Rifter</a> around the office here at CCP Headquarters.</p>
You can check out the latest escapades of Wing Commander Veritas <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F18B1SiQFVc">here</a>, and if you feel like getting your hands on a Second Decade Collector's Edition and becoming a legendary internet spaceship pilot, they are of course still on sale in the<a href="https://store.eve.com/collector-s-edition/eve-the-second-decade-collector-s-edition-116"> EVE Store*.</a></p>
<em>*Gatecamp not included.</em></p>

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